iPad VS iPad 2 VS New iPad Infographic

What you think about iPad? You fell love with Apple iPad? You not sure which is best one? Or stick to cheaper price? You can check this infographic about details of iPad, iPad 2 and New iPad. Everyday, they love to surf internet, check email and read news online; blogs, e-magazines, and etc.

My sis really enjoyed to use iPad 2 but, this resolution of camera is not good. If you want to zoom out on a word with used an iPad 1 or 2, it sure get pixelled. But, New iPad is very better. When we are bored, we just play the games which downloaded in the apple store or if there are Wifi available, we will use it to surf the Facebook or visit the website! 

I saw many Deaf Malaysian love Apple iPad, so they want the tablet iPad, maybe because they love FaceTime and download FREE apps from Apple Store? They also love to chat with their friends via whatapps, and skype too!

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