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Finally, Square Enix has released the English version of Final Fantasy III on Google’s Play Store. It priced $17.99. Before you buy it, you check if your smartphone or tablet need to requires Android 2.2 or higher. They also bring 3D remake to make you like cute characters in Final Fantasy III! The main characters change classes at any time to the ability to summon powerful creatures such as Shiva and Bahamut too!

Are you excited yet? But, no free demo, so it’s a brave to take a step into the mystery of final fantasy is waiting for you...You sure love it! I remembered that the Final Fantasy 3 game - 2D original form which released in 1990s. Square brought the game back to life with the 3D remastered glory they did when it was re-release for Nintendo DS in 2006 before.

Summary story - An earthquake opens up a previously hidden cavern in Altar Cave near the village of Ur on the floating continent. Four young orphans under the care of Topapa, the village elder, explore the earthquake's impact and come across a crystal of light. The crystal grants them a portion of its power, and instructs them to go forth and restore balance to the world. Not knowing what to make of the crystal's pronouncements, but nonetheless recognizing the importance of its words, the four inform their adoptive family of their mission and set out to explore an overworld outside the area in which they were brought up to bring back balance to the world.

Their adventures bring them to discover that there lies a whole world beyond the boundaries of the floating continent upon which they were living... [via

Game Features:
  • New and improved 3D visuals and story sequences only for Android
  • Smooth, intuitive touch-panel controls specifically tailored to Square Enix's smartphone RPGs
  • Quicker browsing through the monster bestiary and other game records
  • New visual designs for the Job Mastery Cards
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