7 Free SMS & Video Call Apps for Deaf and Hearing Impaired

With my Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 Plus, I also have many applications like Whatapps, Viber, Cubie, KakaoTalk, Skype, and Tango! Mostly, I used Whatapps to chat with my hearing and deaf friends on everytime, because many friends who are Whatapps users! We don't have to worry about the cost of SMS and video call. We enjoyed to chat FREE on anytime, anywhere! 

Let's share with us what apps must have in your smartphone & tablet?

Whatsapp is a cross-platform smartphone messenger for iPhone, Android, Samsung, BlackBerry and Nokia phones. The application utilizes push notifications to instantly get messages from friends, colleagues and family. It allow to exchange messages, pictures, and video messages with WhatsApp users at no cost. Your contacts will be automatic in whatsapp after you install it. Whatsapp looks very simple to communication makes it easier for everyone. It let you send the cute emoticons to the users. It can have chat group for you and your friends join together too! You enjoy to edit the avatar profile and status so it let everyone can see your status on anytime. You can use free Wifi to be online and can sms your friends anytime!

*You need to pay USD $1.99 (RM 6 only) after you used it for FREE 1 yearPlease visit Whatsapp website to download it for your smartphone or tablet!

Cubie Messenger
The Cubie Messenger started in the late March 2012, but it is very popular because their drawing feature is very good, if the users love to draw with their creative. It is similar as Draw Something, allowing you to draw something funny while chatting with the feature of choosing the colours! It also offers a comprehensive range of features such as animated stickers and emoticons, voice messages, as well as allowing multimedia file sharing. There are also no in app advertisements and the chat can support a group chat of up to 100 users. For me, I think it is cool, and sure many designers and Deaf girls love to draw something when they chat with their friends! Please visit the Cubie Messenger website at

*FREE for iTunes Apple and Android @ Google Play only.

It let you easy to use as it integrates seamlessly with your device’s existing address book and it uses the cell phone number with Viber ID. When you started it, Viber is requiring you to create a new login, it uses your phone number as an identifier, not like Whatsapp. With your Viber ID, you not let anybody know your ID if you lose your smartphone, and you can get to know if your friend have Viber or not in your contact book. But, the activation of process get the problem, always make me need to verify my Viber ID when I want to login on everytime. But, the userface of design are very good, and can see big numbers and words in the Viber. It can works on both the 3G/4G and Wi-Fi and is available.

*FREE for iPhone, Android @ Google Play, Blackberry, and Windows Phone only.

It is South Korean's mobile messaging app, now comes with free international voice chat between its users, allowing millions of iPhone and Android users to talk freely on 3G and WiFi. It is incredibly popular in South Korea. It is similar as Whatsapp, but KakaoTalk requires no registration or login with the only need of entering your phone number. IIt also have many different of cute emotions in  KakaoTalk  but, you need to buy one of your favourite emotion, or can use trial free (90 days) only from the Emotion Stores. It let you can find new friend in South Korea or worldwide, or check the news & events from South Korea on anytime.

*FREE for iPhoneAndroid @ Google PlayBlackberry, Samsung and Windows Phone only.

LINE, downloaded more than 14 million times! It also popular in18 countries including Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Macau, Switzerland, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and more! Stay in touch with your friends and family with Line at no cost! Exchange messages and make voice calls free-of-charge with LINE.

*FREE for iPhoneAndroid @ Google Play, and Windows Phone only.

Free Video Call

It also have good quality video calling abilities, make you get to stay connected with your loved ones. You can save money with free international video calls to your friends as Tango members. It also let you and your friends can set up a group messaging, and can personalize your video calls with animations that help you express yourself. It will automatically find your friends who have  Tango  from your contact list. So you can make free video or voice calls! It let the users to call over 3G network or WiFi. For Deaf community, it is really good for them to enjoy to chat in sign language when they call their friend with via video  Tango . It is looks like FaceTime. Please visit their website, Tango

*FREE for iPhoneAndroid @ Google Play, and Windows Phone only.

It allows you to call, video call and instant message anyone else on Skype for free on your Skype amazingly give a innovative feature that are now allowing user to call over 3G network along with WiFi. The Skype's video's quality are very clearer. 

*FREE for iPhone, iPadAndroid @ Google Play, and Windows Phone only. 

All applications are available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and any smartphones & tablet! How about you?

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