3 Top Personal Safety Apps in Malaysia

I am glad that they make some application can protect you from the danger because our places like Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and other states get higher crimes, such as snatch thief, kidnapping a kid and many! It make us worried so more and must be aware when you go anywhere! So, the personal safety applications are designed to keep an eye on you and your location via GPS so that your loved ones can quickly find out if you are in danger in anywhere, Malaysia!

In Dec 2011, the Malaysian police launched new application, "Mydistress", that help to track you in GPS and internet so they can save you from the danger when they come to track you with their police car anywhere! Inside the "Mydistress" app, there are two big buttons - SOS personal alert and SOS locatoon alert to let you can press one when something to be happen to you. For example,  you see a person want to snatch your bag or follow you when you are alone or you see they want to break your home. So they can come to rescue you when you use it! It don't need to comunicate with them, you just press a button "HELP" only. It is useful application for Deaf community Malaysia.

FREE download: iPhone, Android - Google Play, Blackberry and Java for Smartphones

MyMobile Tracker by

It is good application for the family who worried over their children and got the award winning of "mymobile tracker" app, that protects you and give others peace of mind. The features, "Watch Me", "Help me", "I am OK, and "Contacts" inside this app. It also can let you connect to your friends in Facebook and Twitter! You can watch the youtube below;

It is very good for Deaf community to record the voice message or take photo on the place which you stand or anywhere! You can send it to your family or friends! 

FREE download: iPhone, and Android - Google Play


EARs simplifies the process of emergency alert and notification. Just tap the icon and a signal is immediately sent within five seconds to the  EARs  system which identifies the user’s name and pinpoints the users location via GPS. You will receive a call from an  EARs  agent within a short time frame to ascertain your condition, and to confirm the emergency service or assistance you require. The agent will then contact the relevant service providers to assist you. Please visit the EARs website.

I think that EARs become your ally if you be shocked or injured or you feel something is wrong with you when you are alone. You can add your emergency numbers as your parent and close friend who come out in rush to see you, include the agent EARs come too! You also can  use FREE alerting of up to 5 emergency contacts via SMS only! It's 24/7 EARs emergency response centre.

FREE download: iPhone, and Android - Google Play

In Malaysia, the crimes are increasing and we don't know if something suddenlly be happened to you! So we must be careful, sometimes you feel quite helpless in the face of danger. You better to download one app that make you feel safer because you always bring your smartphone to anywhere, right?

Better Safe than Sorry!

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