Movie Review: Snow White and The Huntsman ★★★

Summary - After Snow White's mother died, Snow White's (Kristen Stewart) father, the King remarried Ravenna (Charlize Theron) who charmed him with her beauty. Upon killing him, she takes her place as the evil Queen of the land, trapping the young Snow White within her castle. When Snow White escapes into the Great Forest, Ravenna makes a deal with a huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to find Snow White. But when Ravenna breaks her promise, The Huntsman turns and aids Snow White in defeating the evil Queen. Snow White, Huntsman and her friends will take over Evil Queen's castle....

I am surprised that the fantasy and creatures things much like the popular anime movie, 'Princess Mononoke' by Hayao Miyazaki! I really like the imagination of nature and a god of the spirit resembles a deer-like creature!

Wow.. The evil queen are really great because she looked absolutely fantastic in all her different outfits and stylings. She used a good technique and skill of magic to make it looks real! I shocked when she turned in the crows when she want to be disappeared by herself! More like Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke's older brother in Naruto, one of top Japanese anime!

The Queen is addicted to youth and beauty, and can take the souls from the beautiful ladies. That is why the ladies forced to leave their husbands and hide by themselves, take care of their daughters only.

But, why I still felt like Snow White, similar as Twilight Saga? Like a scene in which she has to choose between two handsome guys?! So funny! Finally, Snow White become new Queen, the end already? haha.

Rating: 3.5 because I am boring with the war, but its ok about how evil queen fight with Snow White only.

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