Men In Black 3 ★★★★

Last time, I watched the Men In Black 1 and 2 before. My dad bought the DVDs so my family and I watched both together. It make me shocked that the Men in Black 3 are BACK again after ten years ago!! 

Boris the Animal is escaping from a high security alien prison on the moon. Having lost his arm to Agent K more than 40 years ago, his main priority is to go back in time and rewrite history by killing Agent K before he loses his arm and is imprisoned on the moon. This leads agent J to time-jump back to 1969 by literally jumping off of the Chrysler Building..! What will be happen to old & young Agent K when he save them in the travel time?

Will Smith has done an amazing job and as always he’s made you laugh like crazy. He is very good comedy guy! I still laugh when Agent J swollen into a big fish, very crazy!! And I like cool "future" motorcycle by the Agent J & Young Agent K! 

Agent J and K have different personality and grew up in their own environment but, their bond of friendship still become closer since they are working together. You will know about why Agent K decided to hire him to work in the past time! I also surisped that Agent K is young, but he is very brilliant! Funny, Agent J is chatty guy, loves to talk alot with Agent K, who is quiet guy... :P 

Rating: 4 out of 5

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