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Thank you to The G Circle team because they interested to get Daphne and I write a guest post for the I still thinking about the experience of money management for Deaf girls? It is not easy... I never ask the Deaf girls about this topic because I don't have time to do research. So, I decided to write my own experience about how to managing money in my life, enough. 

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I am very happy when I saw more 200 Deaf /Hearing who registered online and interested to get know more information from the Financial Education Fair on 2 June 2012! My team also like to thank for the Sponsors; YMCA Kuala Lumpur, PIDM, AKPK, Speakers, Volunteers, Interpreters, Hearing and Deaf people who came to support the Deafmoolah! 

My team and I sure will post many articles and tips of financial education in the Deafmoolah Facebook and please visit the Deafmoolah website at We will deliver more video in this website too! 

I am very sorry because I not always update new for my blogs in last week. I am very busy to focus on my projects, freelance jobs and Deafmoolah!

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