Movie Review: Battleship ★★★★

Battleship is the sci-fi action movie - the action scenes were cool. it reminded me to watch the similar movie b4, remembered the World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles, Skyline and Transformer 3: Dark of the Moon movie? The soliders always save the human and sacrifice their life to battle with the alien! I wondered why they love to use the machine aliens to attack the Earth? It's because the End of 2012 so we be ready? Haha.

This story about a "Goldilocks planet" capable of sustaining life, has been discovered by NASA in a separate galaxy. The inhabitants of Planet G have responded to scientists' interstellar communications, and decide to pay a visit to Earth. jobless layabout Alex is celebrating his 26th birthday with disapproving older brother Stone, a straitlaced Navy recruit. Alex makes a fool of himself trying to impress leggy physiotherapist Samantha, and an enraged Stone issues demand that Alex has to join him in the U.S Navy...

There are 5 UFOs come to the earth but, one was not survive, then clashed the Hong Kong, China! I think they did the great job like doing the real scenes! First time, I watch the battleship fight with aliens in the sea! Normally, I watched the movies, mostly about the human VS alien on the land, right? Cool, I like the idea to use the alien's machine circles to destory the metals and machines which used by human only. I think the aliens already observe the human's lives so early before they landed...  So, they knew the human depended on the machines, such as car, helicopter, airplane, and etc.

The battleship are cool, because they attacked each other! The battle machine in sea, looks as big Transformer which can move so freely! The alien also clever, but they must have their own weakness... They hated the sun. It shocked me when the alien looks as "Halo" games for Xbox! But, I don't see the soliders fight with the aliens? Maybe the alien focused on the things which can help them to live more only?

I really enjoyed to watch the battleships' war because I get to know more details about what are the type of battleship! It is suitable for the fans of the battleship can watch this movie! I am boring with the couple's story - very familiar, normally, a guy as hero, his girlfriend also supported him always. Maybe it is similar as the Transformer's story - a couple. So, I give the rating 4 out of 5 only.

Rating: ★★★★

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Selina Wing said…
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Dan O. said…
This movie just annoyed the hell out of me by how loud and dumb it was. And even though it provided me a lot of action to be enjoyed by, the writing was just so terrible that it couldn't keep me happy for long. Good review Selina.