Grandma BBQ Steamboat House @ Fraser Business Park, Kuala Lumpur

My close friend used the Groupon Malaysia to buy the Grandma BBQ Steamboat House voucher because it is very cheap for RM 20 per person only. She invited me to join her family to eat together so, I am very happy!

First time, I try the Grandma BBQ Steamboat House. They showed the Groupon Malaysia voucher to a staff only.

Why they called "Grandma BBQ Steamboat"? Grandma always cook the local steamboat for the special family who enjoyed to eat different ingredients in different taste of soup! Every member of family will have their own pot of broth to cook the seafood, mea slices, fishballs and vegetables.

There are four types of broth are available; King Mushroom, Yang Sheng Healthy, Aromatic Spicy and Grandma Favurite Soup. I recommended the delicious broth, Yang Sheng Healthy because we loved it! Sorry, I forget to take photo on each broth.

I chose Aromatic Spicy, but it is spicy, make me very hot!  I really need more tissues! Haha

My friend and I busy to take more variesties of seafood, meat dishes, and 12 types of fish balls which imported from Taiwan. When the food inside the pot, I waited for 1-5 minutes only. I also check if it already cooked or not...

We can drink how many as we want because they provided FREE drinks and ice-cream. There are two drinks, such as herbal tea and juices only. We enjoyed to eat many times as we want...! haha.

We do not pay BILL and just leave this steamboat restaurant only. It is really worth to make you very full! I think that it is good and clean place, but still many families want go inside, so no enough space! If you love the Taiwanese-style Steamboat, give a try only.

Grandma BBQ Steamboat House,
46, Jalan Metro Pudu, Off Jalan Yew, Kuala Lumpur.
Business hours: 6.00pm to 11.00pm on weekdays
6.00pm to 1.00am on weekends
Non halal.

Thank you very much to my close friend and her family! :D

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