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1 April 2012 is April Fool's Day! So you think that Google love to do April Fool's prank or not? It's real humour! They launched their “new” 8-Bit Google Maps that is Square Enix's Dragon Quest. They can fool everyone but, they make them fell love on the Google Maps - Dragon Quest too!

You not sure what is Dragon Quest? Please visit the official website, Square Enix's Dragon QuestNever play this game? Last time I love to play old NES since I am kid! My dad bought it for me during my birthday. My sisters and I love old NES so we still keep old NES still be in the our store!

Enjoy to see the youtube below;

How you can see the Google Maps 8-Bit in Dragon Quest?

You can go to and see new "Quest" display mode for Google Maps. You make the "Quest" display be activate on your Google Maps! You can find a local business, directions to the nearest town or how many Slimes are currently in your area. Enjoy to see the streets of the world digitized in 8-bit fashion too!

You love this? Just for fun when you try to play the Google Maps Malaysia! I can see the KLCC and some interesting place which I spotted so lucky! Happy April Fools!

Source by Google Blog

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