Game Review: Okamiden

Okamiden is the sequel to the popular Okami which I played for PlayStation 2 and this make my sisters and I love the magical paintbrush when we enjoyed to draw, such as slashing rocks and cut in half, circling trees to make them bloom, and building bridges across gaps, firework bombs appear and etc! We bought new 3D Nintendo DS to play the Okamiden. Sorry, I don't remember how much price because it bought in Australia. If you not sure what is Okami, read my article.

When you start the Okamiden's jounery, you need to obtain your brush powers as gifts from the Celestial Brush Gods, who teach you that, for instance, drawing a circle around a wilted or withered plant will restore its vitality and allow it to bloom. You will meet the children of the gods via you are learning these skills from them! So cute!

Chibiterasu, cute puppy is not strong as his mother, Amaterasu but, he also relies on a partner in his travels. He travels with five different characters with each of unique abilities. Their story are different when he meet them.

I enjoyed to make them sit on the back of Chibiterasu! It is easy for them be together and make more friends with Chibi Nagi, unlike Amaterasu and Issun in Okami! It really is very good story, make me happy, sad and cried out! Chibiterasu make me reminded about my pet Nikki, cute puppy!

Wah, I completed this game in 1 month before my eldest sister took 3D Nintendo DS from me. I am sure recommended the Okamiden because it is very suitable for the kids, teenagers and adults who can play it so simple and easy.


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