8 Tips to increase your income

Deaf people like to know how to increase their income since they are full-time employess to the companies. They also face the challenges and debt problems, such as, start new family, houses, cars, etc. and even more so with the increasing cost of living increased, the day we had to find alternative ways to generate income.

Don't worry, you don't need to open a real business that requires the big models for your business. From start, you can try to make your own business as an additional income in the short-term time as 'backup' to buy what you wish for, and help to double your salary. It help you to increase your knowledge and learn new skill or improve your own skill, like designing.

There are 8 guidelines that you can do to start your business without the need of capital in the short-term income solution. You are using your skills for increasing your income!

How to get extra income?

Deaf people love to teach Deaf and Hearing students. If you have the experience of teaching, you get better to use the skills acquired are used to teach the Deaf students for the good cause of Deaf Education. You can try to be teacher with used your own skill, such as giving the tuition, Sign Language class for the hearing students or teach Deaf in the cooking class, sewing class, drawing class and many....You can be a coach who give advice to the expertise possessed by holding seminars, workshop or motivation. If you don't have experience but you get your skill of teaching, you just give a try with your best!

Many Deaf designers who take the course, graphics, such as designing the business cards, websites, image editing, brochures, and posters. It is easy for you to do the freelance job at home. You can promote your freelance graphic design to your friends, relatives and companies via social media, such as Facebook, and portfolio website. It can improve your skill to become professional.

If you are one who like to express its opinion through writing. At the age of the Internet now, it's easy for you to generate extra income through the writing. For example, you can make money through the blog or the author developed an invitation to the website. In addition, if you are talented you can try your luck by producing novels, short stories, or poems so you can sell out your e-book online. Maybe you will get be selected to be hire by the companies, if you are lucky! If you love to write your story book, you keep to write your story when you are free. It can improve your skill of writing. You will become better when you write an article for your friend's blog or newspaper which need your inspired story? or magazine can.

Sell your old products
If you never use your old products then, you can also build your own blog or used your account facebook to sell your goods and make the promotion to your group of friends so easily. You also try to sell your old items via and, many people sell their second hand things via Facebook, like selling T-shirts, toys, and many!

My friend and I enjoyed to take the beautiful photos together
I see many Deaf people love to learn the photography! You can make money when you love to take creative photos! Try to sell your own photos via the stock photography or blog and portfolio website. For example, iStockphoto or Malaysian Stock Photos, both of which sell your digital files and you’ll get a percentage of each download because they are buying downloads, once you have the images uploaded and key-worded, it can become a nice passive way of earning income. You also can promote your creative photography via your Facebook, your friends will be interested in you and want to hire you to be their photographer for the wedding, family, festivals, and studio!

Enjoyed to learn about how to do the lasagna!
You love to cook? No problem for you to earn extra income if you can create your idea when you are cooking or you can sell the food recipe or cookies or cupcakes and any food via the Internet. In addition, you can provide your cooking classes to teach Deaf students who want to learn how to cook. Today, I see many Deaf women nowadays do not know how to cook but there are also Deaf men who want to learn to cook. Maybe this is good chance for the Deaf guys enjoy to learn it in their rent home. For Deaf women, they can take cooking class then they can have chance to sell their homemade food to friends. I learned to cook and bake the cookies and cake since my mom guided me because I want to sell my cookies for Chinese New Year via my facebook, I never think to get responded from my friends so quickly! Some friends love to order more from me. It is good chance for Deafs to sell their baking or homemade food in the blog or social media!

You love to blogging? You can make money via blogging only. You can try or wordpress to make your personal blog, you just share your experience or information with your friends like me. You are good at IT? For example the technology skills such as website design or programming the application or creating the layout of blogs or teaching IT. If you skilled to fix your computer or notebook, you can help your friend to fix the computer, so you can gain extra money. Or, you can teach the Deaf students at home. For example, you teach Deaf students to do website, or designing with used the software IT.

Work as Part-Time during holiday
If you don't have any skill or experience, you may take your free time to learn new skill to help yourself to gain more money. You can work as part-time Sign Language teacher for the hearing students at your home. Or, you can work in DIB Coffee and Hawaii to learn about how to do latte coffee or work as waiter. You can help your family to do business so you can learn more from them. You can teach to Deaf students at your home, like giving the tuition, if you are teacher. You get your friends from other country? They want to visit your place, then you can become tour guider to bring them visit around Kuala Lumpur, Penang or Malacca. Or you can look for the part-time jobs, such as the Part time Post,,, and

With the skills you have, you not only can increase your income, but you can use it to share your information with others because you should also can offer the cheaper services than the market price, you need to attract customers come into your small business! 

I always tell, Deaf beginners should need Time & Knowledge to setup your own business or make money online, that’s the major requirement to be Patient. First, Time that you have to find and Knowledge that you could learn new to help your business and bank balance grow

That’s why I advice you always, Believe In Yourself

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Anonymous said…
All your article the blog very true. Many deaf have talent and skill still not realized. You are encouraged them a build on how to earn extra income many way.
wonderful blog post on 8 tips to increase your income. I agree with what you have wrote that first you need to improve yourself, skills are very important. Second thing i found and i also agree with what you say, patience is a major requirement. Well done Selina. Your blog inspires people.