Movie Review: This Means War ★★★

What happens when two best friends argue over one girl? I think that this spy movie is very funny and good action about two best friends also fight so fairly! There are two handsome guys - single and divorced secret agents, always spend time alot to play together and share everything need to know about their girl! It is very funny when they monitor Lauren together because they want to know more about her! But, it is not good to spy on her private life. If Lauran know that they put their hidden camera into her home, she sure will be angry with them! So, they still hide their secret because they are best friends, sure la.

They always want to win Lauren's heart to fell love on which is one! It is stupid when they tried to show off  and doing many things for her...

Crazy, they always disturb each other when they are dating with Lauren because they tried to show their best attraction to her, but they never think each other while they busy to focus on Lauren only. It can make they lose their best friendship. It is like the love triangle! Lauren's best friend always give an advice to Lauren so, she should take serious and don't involved in the love-triangle problem. Finally Lauren noticed her mistake happened after her best friend adviced her!

That is why Lauren always confused and cannot decide to choose one from two guys that she are dating... At same time, Lauren noticed two guys know each other and hide secret behind her, that make her heart more hurt...So, love is complicated?

So, Lauren must decide something so, she don't get more problem again. I knew an answer early before she want to choose one single agent because a divorced secret agent also have son and ex-wife already so she don't need a divorced agent. Two agents become best friend again after they finally understand each other since they busy to save Lauren. They always encourage each other, and just let Lauren choose one. 

For me, it's "just a movie" but, this story make you should think more carefully if you involved in the love with two persons at same time. If not, you still continue this, you sure will lose something's important to you...For example, you will lose friends if you don't care and just continue with two persons at same time? This give a lesson - you should think others than yourself and make sure aware yourself so always.

Rating: 3/5

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