Movie Review: Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance ★★

Summary story about Johnny is hiding in Europe because he don't want to hurt anybody with his power of Devil in his hometown. One day, a mother and son, Nadia and Danny are on the run from Danny’s dad, who also happens to be the Devil incarnate. A Devil need one host for him because his body is weak, so he conceived the kid as his greatest vessel. Sure the world will be end if Mr. Devil is transfering himself to his son to become a very strong Devil. Johnny promised to save mother and son by himself. Will he save them or not?
This movie started from the bad guys chase boy and mother in the rush when they escaped to anywhere. But, the action is simple when bad and good guys always fight each other, in order to save Danny who is very clever boy.

Johnny sure know where is Danny because this boy have a strong power of Devil. So, Ghost Rider also is a part of power Devil too. He keep to control himself than kill the innocent people...If he become Ghost Rider, he is really crazy to kill many people who shoot him!

Ghost Rider sure can change into the machines to be his own thing! It is very crazy... But, I still feel this story is not very interesting because it still enough not to be comedy more. They just talk talk so crazy! Haha. It's boring when they are fighting then... shooting and they race their cars each other!

Just good guys rush to save a kid from Demon guy.... He finally become Ghost Rider again, but he got good heart so he changed into new power to save the people! 

Rating: 2 out of 5 only.

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