Free Draw something App for Android, iPhone and iPad

Draw something application made by OMGPOP. We know that it is new to be market and become one of top of social game applications in the App Store and Android App Market so quickly!

The game allowed users to draw using their handset's touch-screen and guess what their friends are sketching. Social networking integration enables players to challenge each other via Facebook and Twitter. So, the Draw Something is an amazing game, fun to see some friends who sketching what they like with their chosen word!

Draw Something lets me draw and guess against my friends. It is very enjoyable! I also asked my friends and sister to guess the drawing given by other friend! I also helped my sister and friend to draw many because I am Designer! Haha. See my drawing game for them below:

It is very funny when I am sketching? Haha. I fell love with the 'Draw Something'! I give 5 stars! If you have smartphone or iPad or iPhone, you try to download at iTune Apple and Google Play - Android

*'Draw Something' has surpassed more than 20 million downloads! Wow! Zynga, top of social game companies who interested in 'Draw Something' that maybe want to buy it! Many companises always spot this too!

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