Movie Review: Sherlock Holmes - A Game of Shadows ★★★★

Before Chinese New Year, I watched the most action movies, Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows with my close friend and her sister. I really love Sherlock Holmes because it's my favourite to read the novel which Arthur Conan Doyle wrote. I am really sorry if I late to write this movie review about both because I always busy when my family celebrated the Chinese New Year.

About Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows, it got many actions like escape to a train, save Jude Law in a very crazy situation, fighting with Professor James Moriarty with use 'mind-thinking' and many! It's got improved a better than Sherlock Holmes 1

This story is about a brilliant detective drawn even deeper into his manic quest to unravel the web of murder, corruption and blackmail that Moriarty has woven. Meanwhile, Holmes’ longtime companion Dr. Watson is preparing to wed fiancé Mary and leave the life of crime-solving behind. After Holmes gets hold of a few pivotal clues about Moriarty’s nefarious plot, the evil genius decides that he has been putting off the problem of Sherlock Holmes for far too long, and decides to strike at the detective by targeting those closest to him.

What I liked most about their action about the slow-motion with zoom out effect to get a feel of the speed and size, and Sherlock’s ‘mind analysing’ trick which he used before he start to fight with his enemies. He really can think something to make decision in a short time!
I think that Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson relationship looks like true friends, they always support each other because they put their trust in their heart when they are separated to find the clues and busy to fight with others! So, they are great partners, can do the dangerous things when they are looking for the mystery clues!
Wow, Professor James Moriarty is working in the university, so he sure is genius and looks as friendly to the students. Sherlock Holmes knows Professor Moriarty, close enemie's true idenfity only. Professor Moriarty got many shadow plans and like to use his men to kill who is close with Sherlock Holmes only. Then, he hides his true face with wear the shadow mask when he is in front of the others!

How about you? You like this movie: most action and mind thinking as detective? So, I give the rating: 4.5/5 

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