Meet us at DeafMoolah Workshop on 19 February 2012!

Hello! We have an interesting workshop for Deaf Malaysians! You all can get a chance to learn tips, ideas and experiences from the Hearing and Deaf speakers! This workshop also open to ALL Deaf and Hearing people. Remember about my last article: DeafMoolah Workshop: "How to get the Right Job and Better Income" on 19 February 2012, Sunday?

If you or your friend don't have computer and laptop to register online, don't worry! You all can meet us at the workshop on 19 February, Sunday then register with us to become FREE DeafMoolah Member!

Good, more than 25 Deaf Moolah members will attend this workshop, and will get lucky prizes and special discount 15% from DIB Coffees of Hawaii for Special February only!

DeafMoolah Brochure

And Emergenetics Profiling will prepare for the DeafMoolah members because it can help you all to understand themselves better, prepare a career action plan and report which helps to bridge the communication with the hearing employers! You will get FREE to attend the next workshop in March if you are lucky to be one of 10 lucky winners! Don't worry, DeafMoolah founders will be with you all!

Interested to join in this workshop? Come to register online as DeafMoolah member to get FREE at! And LIKE us on DeafMoolah too! Please inform this to your friends, thank you very much!

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