iPad 3 will be unveiled on 7 March 2012 (For Malaysia, 8 March)

Today, we always heard the rumour about Apple sent out the invitation to the media. Read the info

The Apple will launched new iPad 3 on March 7, mean for Malaysia, 8 March 2012. We will get know what are about iPad 3. Maybe the new iPad will have a bigger of resolution screen and faster processor. I am sure that the Siri installed into the new iPad. The cost of price will be more than the normal price of iPad 2 because it have more new features... maybe it don't have "home button"? I am not sure. If the rumour are true, many people sure will take a peek on iPad 3!

Let us forward to look new iPad on next week!

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Just almost a week before the launching, sell your old stuff for this new tab. :)
Anonymous said…
As a blogger you need to improve your english and make it worth a read. Just a positive feedback
Selina Wing said…
Okay ;) My English keep to be improve on everyday. That's no end. :P