Play FREE Cut the Rope on HTML5 Web

You know about Cut the Rope is one of the most popular game in iOS and android platform, compared with Angry Birds. Many people downloaded this game from App Store and Android Market so they loved to play this games because it is very easy and simple game! My best friend's son is young and can play Cut the Rope so very well! I also play the Cut the Rope with used iPad 2. So, I felt that a green monster called "Om Nom" is very cute! Many kids sure want to play it too!

Finally, it has been bring to the desktop PC and running with HTML 5 in Internet Explorer 9. So, you don’t need to get an Android phone or an iPhone to play Cut the Rope. If you don't have Internet Explorer 9, you can try to play on Mozilia Firefox and Google Chrome browsers. I tested to play on both, it is working!

First, you click on to open your HTML5 supported web browser and  to start playing! This game is a physics-based puzzle game with a very simple objective: Just drag your mouse to cut the rope. to bring a ball of candy into the mouth of  “Om Nom” and to pick up the three stars per level. It is very easy.

If you give up to play continue on this game, don't worry it can save game so automatically! If you complete each box - jump to next level, you can come back again when new box will be appear in!

Enjoy to play Cut the Rope at

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Selina Wing said…
Yes, it is very easier for the users can embed the media and browser with HTML5 :D