DIB Coffees of Hawaii - 1st Deaf Coffee Cafe in Malaysia

I was invited by Dr Allen Teh to attend the Launch @ DIB Coffees of Hawaii Cafe on 2 January 2012. My daddy and sister want to join me and my deaf friend, Woan Koon to eat the breakfast there. I thought some Deaf come early than us...! When we reached there, I am become 1st Deaf custromer of DIB Coffees of Hawaii Cafe on my first time!! Cool~ 

DIB Coffees of Hawaii is 1st Deaf Gourmet Hawaiian Coffee in Malaysia. Some Deaf staffs are very hardworking and trained to become Deaf Barista. First time, they are doing the Latte Art on coffee! If you want to taste their coffee, you can order from them, then they will do Latte Art for you!

You better to try different taste of coffees which imported by Hawaii! First time, my friend and I drink Hawaiian Herbal Tea and Cappuccino Coffee. The Sunflower and Cranberry Walnut Buns are very delicious!


If you are hearing, how you order something to a Deaf staff? Do not worry, you will provided the order paper and a pencil, like Papa Rich. You can learn new sign language when you make an order too.

We ordered the breakfast set, RM 6.50 only. You can choose sandwich or bun or pastry with coffee or hawaiian herbal tea. If you want to drink Cappuccino Coffee, add RM 2 only.

The breads and buns always change on every week. So, you can come to taste different bun again. When lunch time, the pumpkin soup and bun will be prepare for you all. 

My friend and I explored around DIB Coffees of Hawaii Cafe.Wow, my deaf friend, Lim Anuar also draw a big Mural on the walls! He told me that all Mural are not complete because he are very busy. He is really good at painting. Last time, I did Mural b4 so, it is not easy to draw on a wall...!

You try one of cheesecakes too. There are Passion Fruit Cheesecake, Blue Hawaiian Cheesecake, Kona Coffee Cheesecake, Lemon Cheesecake and others. I don't try one because I don't like to eat cheese. but, next time I will try one when I come to DIB Coffees of Hawaii! If you love cheese, sure the hawaiian cheesecake are very delicious!

Yummy! Deaf staffs are doing a very good job to do service, they gave their best to make everything's okay. They also give a smile to us too! I got a 'Thank you' gift when I pay a bill~  They signed, "Thank you very much!" and "See you again!" to me and my deaf friend.

My Deaf friends and Dr Allen Teh
After a day, I got the star newspaper and read a news about DIB Coffees of Hawaii Cafe! Smile! Please support the Deafs in DIB Coffees of Hawaii Cafe so, you all can give chance them to get more experience to serve until you enjoy to drink and eat food!

Source: Deaf Tours Malaysia, J&K website
Please visit the website at to read more information.

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dimana nie?
milik oku ke kedai nie?
so forum deaf coffee chat kembali plak? hehehe
Selina Wing said…
HI, Azahar

DIB Coffees of Hawaii located at 11-A, Jalan PJU 8/5A, Bandar Damansara Perdana 47820, Petaling Jaya.

Hmm, I have to re-open Forum Deaf Coffee again? I think that some Deafs can chat and drink coffee there.... :P