Deaf Moolah Workshop for Deaf: How to Get the Right Job and Better Income

Deaf Moolah also educate the Deaf community on the importance of personal finance and money management to create wealth for your life because your financial management needs to guide you focus the goal of saving money & career planning for your future and retirement.

It also improve your ability to make the right decisions to meet your life goals and financial objectives in your future.

It can help to empower the deaf community by increasing their awarnese about the financial management and change their quality life to become better too.

Deaf Moolah's mission is to help the Deaf community to be financially-savvy, and achieve financial independence:
  • Create an inclusive sense among the Deaf of being financially-savvy
  • Enable the Deaf to be updated with the latest financial information
  • Encourage the Deaf to save prudently for the future
  • Provide access to the Deaf to communicate their financial needs.
So, this is helping the deaf people of all ages develop skills they can start to save money, manage your life, with family or business company. You will learn good information from Deaf Moolah like;
  • The useful tips on budgeting, reducing debt, setting financial goals, saving strategies, and much more.
  • Get the wealth of information to help you with all of life's financial challenges. For example, you are starting your first job or getting ready to retire, planning for college/ university, start new family, and increase saving and etc. 
  • Give advice about your life values related with spending, investment, insurances, housing, credit & debit, education and many.
Great news! Deaf Moolah are organising 1st workshop for Deaf - "How to get the Right Job and Better Income" on 19 February 2012, Sunday. 
About this workshop:
Searching for a job is one of the most frustrating experiences for many deaf people. DeafMoolah, your deaf community financial education portal, will be organising a workshop for members of the Deaf community to share their career experiences, and how to get a rewarding job with better salary and benefits.

The aim is to create a platform for both deaf and hearing people to understand the challenges that come with providing employment for deaf people. Deaf people really can fit into the corporate culture, and excel in their job performance. We want to share how.

There will be a panel of hearing and deaf speakers who will share their insights and experiences working with deaf employees. You will learn how deaf people have successfully created outstanding results at work, started businesses and successfully blended in with their hearing colleagues at their workplaces.

Who should attend:
      - Deaf people who want to look for better job opportunity.
      - Deaf people who want to know what employer wants in a job.
      - Deaf people who want to know how to find the right job and a better salary.
      - Hearing employers and business owners who want to hire deaf people.
      - Human Resource managers

Interested to join in this workshop? Please come to register online as Deaf Moolah member to get FREE at!
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- If you are not member of Deaf Moolah, you have to pay RM15 per person.
- If you still don't want to be Deaf Moolah member.
So, we have a promotion for Early bird price: RM10 per person (before February 15)

When you have any question about this payment of fees and details of workshop, please ask us with Email us at Daphne, daphne_efm[at] or Selina, ooiselina[at] Or can drop a comment at

Strategic Partnerships and Sponsorships
Deafmoolah welcomes strategic partnerships and sponsorships for this event.
Interested parties, please contact: Carol Yip (012 208 5090) at carolyip[at]
or Lucy Lim (016 2442542) at lucylim64[at]

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