Movie Review: The Adventures of Tintin - Secret of The Unicorn ★★★★

This is my favourite of detective comic, The adventures of Tin Tin since I am kid! Last time, my eldest sis and I bought one comic, The adventures of Tin Tin version English before. But, we don't remember about where are my old comic because we moved out to different places, like Penang, Perak and Selangor on many times. Then, my old comic already lost! That is why I miss this! If you want to know more details about The adventures of Tin Tin, please read at

Finally, the adventures of Tin Tin become real 3D movie! It's really cool! This story is really good enjoyable because they also express their emotion when they are on the journey to find the next clues!  This is how Tintin meets Captain Haddock where the two of them will eventually start off on an exciting journey of adventures and thrills. Wow, the CGI graphics were great too! 

It make me surprised about the crazy scenes in 3D, like The chase through a Moroccan city of Bagghar that involves a gushing dam, an adamant hawk, a runaway tank, a drunkard captain and a disintegrating motorcycle! It is very impressive! 

But, it not enough to get more comedy. Tin Tin is really brilliant guy who can find out what is happening around him or love to discover the secret which hidden in the unknown place. He never show his fear when he kidnapped or face his danger in his life. But, his story sure will continue to next journey after Tin Tin and Captain Haddock become best friend! 

Thanks to Steven Spielberg because our childhood comic book turned into reality 3D animated movie, make us happy to watch again. 

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