Happy New Year 2012! Selina Wing

A year of 2011 will be over soon. We also welcome the year of 2012, to say a Happy New Year 2012 with a new spirit, the new breakthrough for everything to be better!

I also want to tell you how thankful I am for your love, support & kindness. Everyday, I feel inspired knowing that I can share my knowledge, mistakes & passion with all of you. With this, I already become popular Deaf blogger, but I felt like Celebrity already? Because many Deaf people and friends around me started to ask me about this! Haha... Thank you very much!

New Year 2012 is going to be really amazing and will be full of new plans and ideas for Deaf Community MalaysiaPlease visit my blog, Deaf Boleh! Malaysia to read more interesting events, and information! So, Dragon year will be success, happiness and joy to you all~ So, you will be filled with new challenges and stories of success in new year!

What have I done in 2011?
  • In February 2011, my mom and I went to Melbourne, Australia for 1 week. We really enjoyed to see many animals such as, Koala, Kangaroo, Little Penguins, and many! It's really cool and peace when we are staying with my eldest sister! See my photos - My holiday, Melbourne Australia.
  • My sisters and I already have Nintendo 3DS and Wii. We really enjoyed to play both. But, their games are really expensive because my eldest sis got both from Australia. ( I want to play PSP or Play Station 3...)
  • I redesign my layout of blog, Selina Wing with new character. Include Deaf Boleh! Malaysia blog too. Just started to promote new page and group Facebook to my friends. See my article, Selina Wing get a New Look!
  • I won some prizes like got FREE movie, Captain America, Baskin Robbin and Haagen Dazs vouchers when I took part in my competition and games online in Facebook and just write article only. It is very easy.
  • I attended few workshop and classes to learn many things. First time, I learned to write a story when I took 'Creative Writing' class which organised by Challenges Magazine. One day, I will write my own book? :D
  • I am really happy when I got my earning from Google on many times, and improved my Nuffnang and to earn some. :) Thank you to all you come to support me and enjoyed to read my blogs!
  • I got to be interviewed by New Straits Times (NST), I really be lucky! Editor Rozana bring me to visit around her office! This office is very bigger so everything is new and modern! First time, my story, "Sound her out" to be in a big cover of Life & Times, NST!!
  • In December 2011, My family and I enjoyed to Turkey and Jordan for 2 weeks. My great friend and I saw the snow flakes came on our first time! I really excited and play snow ball with my family and friend! It is very great to get experienced the historical ancient places, like Petra, Ephesus, Ancient Underground City and many!

I felt that I travelled to oversea twice on last year, 2010 and this year...? I still think my plans for 2012... T-T My weight got increased a bit so I must to take care of my diet and health on next year! How about you? 

Have you think about your goal for new year 2012? What you will do? :)

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