Les Copaque: Pada Zaman Dahulu animation in Malaysia

When we are kids, we always heard from old folks about the local stories related with "Sang Kancil" in our country, Malaysia. Until today, we still remembered this stories because it is very suitable for the children who watch TV animation cartoon!

Les Copaque, local animation company introduced new FIRST sneak preview of "Pada Zaman Dahulu.." - "Once Upon a Time.." in English. This story explained about the Sang Kancil is very clever and will met different characters during his journey... At same time, a grandfather tell the Sang Kancil's stories to his grandchildren.

"Pada Zaman Dahulu.." animation TV will launched on 3 December 2011. For me, Sang Kancil is very cute! I also like old squirrel who know how to fight with enemies! So great! :D Check more on Facebook: Pada Zaman Dahulu!

Source Images by Les Copaque 

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