How to stop the hackers hack your Facebook Account?

As you know, the hackers tried to hack your account in Facebook on everyday. How? They need to know your email address, then he guess your password - weak or answers your security questions when he click on 'forget password'! That is why you all should NOT put their details like your full name, addreass, where place which you go to, and date of birthday. DON'T FORGET to set your privacy settings so it don't let the hackers search on Facebook.

I really hope that Facebook improves the security so quickly.Here, there are  few tips about how to hide your Email Address from search on Facebook?
  • Go to your profile > Contact Information > Click on an icon beside your email address and birthday > Set on 'Only Me'
  • If you want to change your primary email address to new if some friends already know your emails. Click on Account Settings > General > Email > and changing your primary email to the new email which you never tell to your friends, it is secret, better to remove your old email address. 
  • Click on Account Settings > Security > Secure browsing, you sure make it enabled because 'http' change to 'https'.
  • Under Security > Login Notifications, you enabled on 'Send me an email when a new computer or mobile device logs into your account', then click 'Save Changes'.
Do you know what Phishing is? Like they are fishing to catch 'you' into their place.
  •  NEVER click on 'short url' which the hackers post it in your status or friend's status post ar Facebook. Eg.,, and etc. 
  • They do design on same website looks as Facebook website with username and password, you NEVER click on the link which they (act as your friend) give you in email or chat MSN, or inbox in Facebook.
  • NEVER click on the link if they tagged a photo on you in your account Facebook, better to REMOVE the photo which your friends tag on yours.
  • NEVER join in spam Facebook apps, for example, join in FREE iphone Page Facebook or unofficial game. Please check the game website or check on google 1st if this game app is real or not. Normally, the official Game company  website must have real game app.
If you get affected by Phishing or you worry that will get it? You MUST have Firewalls, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Spam, Anti-Phishing, Web Anti-Spam, and Network Attack Block. You can download free from Antivirus website or buy new Antivirus from the shop.

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