Saladin nominated for International Emmy Award 2011

Finally, ‘Saladin’ nominated in the Children and Young People category at the International Emmy Awards! We, Malaysian also hope that the Saladin animated-series will be winner of International Emmy Awards on this year!

The winners of the International Emmy Awards will be announced on 21st November in New York. A total of 40 nominees in ten categories were unveiled for the 39th International Emmy Awards spanning from 20 countries.

Saladin, airing in both English and Arabic, targets 10 to 15 year-olds and focuses on a fictional period in the life of the Islamic statesman and warrior, a young man who had just left his family home in Damascus in search of adventure. So,  Saladin will face more challenges and traveled to many places with his good friends before he became one of Islam's most legendary figures. He is famous for recapturing Jerusalem from the Crusaders. 

Maybe you don't know who is Saladin. I also don't know about him too. So, we can read the history about

This animated series, which was brought to life by local MDEC and MSC Malaysia. I think that the Malaysian artists, animators, storyboards, and others get to show off their skills to you all so they did a very great job to make this animted-series, Saladin. You can check the official website at

Before this, MDEC Malaysia was creating new trailer that sparked the Saladin animation movie in 2006. It won awards at the Tokyo International Animation Festival and at Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival. It is about Saladin and his army were defeating the Crusaders. Please enjoy to watch this trailer below;

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