Movie Review: The Sorcerer And The White Snake ★★★

Synopsis: White Snake, a 1000-year-old snake demon, falls in love with Xu Xian, a young herbalist who aspires to become a doctor, against the warning of her companion Green Snake. She contrives events so they meet, and the two are soon wed, although Xian believes that she is a woman name Sou. Unfortunately, the titular sorceror Fa Hai, who believes demons and humans can never live together, so what will happen to Xu Xian, and White Snake when its end? You think that a demon and human should not be together? It is very difficulty to make a decision about their love!

My dad brought new DVD - "The Sorcerer and The White Snake" then, we watched this movie! We still remembered about old movie related with The Legend of the White Snake. Jet Li also acted in old movie before. I don't remember a name of old movie... Today, he will act as Fa Hai, sorceror for new movie, "The Sorcerer and The White Snake" again. It because his martial arts's experience since he was teenager monk who joined the temple.

About the  The Legend of the White Snake, a Chinese myth about a 1000 year-old snake demon who falls in love with a human. However, snake/human love violates the natural order so a fanatical monk shows up to mete heavenly justice with lots of monk versus snake shenanigans. This legend is very known by Chinese community. My family and I also knew this story too.

I think that this movie is very romantic story, suitable for the couple and family to watch...I am not interested in the romantic stories but, this movie is interesting. We believe a nature's law that forbids humans and spirits from falling in love with each other in our world. 

This movie get many 3D and CGI effects, that fine but, some animals are cute too! You will know this once you watch this movie. A sorcerer and white snake always busy to fight each other, in order to protect Xu Xian, herbalist! White Snake and Xu Xian also love each other. A sorcerer not allow White Snake to live with Xu Xian together. Why? Because a forbidden by the laws of Heaven? Will Xu Xian forget White Snake if they separated?

If you watch this movie, you will feel sad and cry! Haha... For Xu Xian and White Snake, their LOVE are very important than our world's law?

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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aNyaNka said…
Did you catch what susu said to Xu Xian about crying for both of them? I really like it
Selina Wing said…
Yeah... I heard this legend on many times so, I sure know this romantic movie. :P Some also read this novel Chinese b4 too.