Movie Review: Johnny English Reborn ★★★

Last time, my sisters and I still watch a show, Mr. Bean, he is very funny guy and always doing funny or naughty to make us laugh out. He don't need to talk so much in this show, Mr. Bean. So, he is one of most famous comedian in England. Now, he is really old but, he make the movie again after the first Johnny English movie which I never watch. My dad want to watch this comedy movie so, I bring him go enjoy new MBO cinema. :D
Summary - Despite being a celebrated agent of MI-7, Johnny English is not without his list of screw-ups. After his case happened in Mozambique, English goes into exile and spends his days at a secluded monastery in Asia doing some soul-searching as well as honing some new-found skills. Meanwhile, the MI-7 superiors learn of a new threat that will disrupt world peace, forcing them to recommission Johnny English, bringing him back into action.

It is really funny movie, it is different than 007 movie because Johnny English is not very skilled at spying... When I sometimes not understand about a begining story to make why he learned the martial arts at the monk temple..Wow, a monk leader still can use the teachnology to connect the MI-7 spy company!

He also get lucky when he faces his enemies on everytime? He don't need the difficult things to make, and just think what is simple make easy for him only. I really like a scene about he used the auto-speed wheelchair to escape from the MI-7 staffs. lol. This auto-speed wheelchair should be created for the disability people can use as walking along the streets!

From start, he don't used to fight so much... He always find who is a spy's enemies, but wow...a granny can do anything to kill a spy if they are spying on the enemies's important plan! You will know why he can fight with a last person who escape at the ending... It make us shocked when he can fight so well!

For me, this movie is good, but sometimes get boring abit because he don't talk so much. He always do easy things because he is old agent only. But, it's good for him do the comedy action, make us laugh. So, he did good job to make this comedy movie!

Rating: 3/5

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