Google will change from old to new interface Blogger on next November 2011

Remember my post about the blogger will get new interface design blogger and 5 new dynamic views on last April and Jun 2011?

Today, Google confirmed to update new interface Blogger on next Nov 2011. If you still use old interface in your blogger, you better try 'updated Blogger interface' at top of menu dashboard then you can practice to learn how to use new interface in Blogger.

And 8 Dynamic Views; Sidebar, Classic, Flipcard, Magazine, Mosaic, Snapshot, and Timeline will be available in new interface too. If you want to use one of dynamic views, you can go to 'Template', then you can see them and choose one as you like.  You can see what's in Blogger Buzz with 8 Dynamic Views, please go to

I just enjoy to blog what I like only. :D You can try to learn how to blogging with Blogger. Enjoy ya!

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