Budget 2012 for Disability Malaysia

As disability person, you sure listen about Budget 2.0 on last 7 October 2011. For me, I feel that this is good news for the disability community. Don't forget we live in 1Malaysia, so it is fair to all same. The Budget 2.0 also focus on the economic of developement and also will improve the lives of Malaysians, especially the group low-income, and students.

I think that you all felt that they never add or change for disability benefits. But, we already have 1Malaysia people's welfare, KAR1SMA provided to help the underprivileged people, included senior citizens, the disabled, children and single mothers, that improve the standard of living of the poor. So, they give out RM 1.2 billion to KAR1SMA, mean RM 300 assistance for poor senior citizens per month, RM 100 to RM 450 for poor children, and assistance and allowances between RM 150 and RM 300 per month for the disabled.

Let me tell something you need to know for what benefit Deaf community can get on next year.

For Deaf women,
You should get FREE HPV immunisation to prevent cervical cancer at 1Malaysia Clinic only. If you not sure what it is HPV, read more info at

For parents of Deaf children,
If you are Deaf parent have 'normal' children or Deaf low-income family, it's good about the abolishment of school fee for all primary and secondary school, mean Deaf schools should have it, mean no need to pay the fees off co-curriculum, internal test papers, Malaysian Schools Sports council fees and insurance premium from 2012. And the households with electricity bills of RM 20 per month or less too.

Deaf family who have the monthly income of RM 3,000 and below, they can get RM 500. Good! I also wondered about how the government to give RM 500 to Deaf family. :P

For Deaf students of primary and secondary school,
You can get the assistance of RM 100 so you can buy the textbooks or materials for your school.

For Deaf university and College students,
You can get the book voucher RM 200 when you study in public and private local institutions of higher learning, matriculation and Form 6. You will buy the textbooks to learn the subjects :P

For Deaf Employees,
If Deaf who earns RM 5,000 and below, the employer's EPF contribution increased from 12% to 13%.

For Deaf Senior Citizens,
Deaf senior citizens aged 60 and above, you no need to pay registration fee in the government hospitals and health clinics. Remember to show OKU card to them when you go to the government hospital.

Also 50% discount of LRT and Monorail fares. Not them only, long time Deaf family, students and kids can get the discount card for LRT and Monorail already.

For Deaf Couples/ Families, 
If you are Deaf couple will start a family in 2012, you maybe can buy your first house on your first time since 'My First Home Scheme' increased from RM 200K to RM 400K, mean you can borrow the loans from banks if you earn less than RM3,000 salary per month. You better try it , no need to depends on your parents.

For Deaf teachers and civil servants,
I am sure that the Deaf teachers and civil servants are very happy about the increment salary and bonus. Haha. It's good to retired at age of 60 years old. If you are Deaf teacher, you should take a chance to study continue the part-time of master and doctoral with the offer of scholarship from government!

For Deaf self-employers,
It's good about the loans maximum RM 1mil to revive businesses and tax deduction for the franchise fees. I not sure about this info. I also heard that the government also can give a loan to you if you want to open your own business. You need to seek help assistance from MFD and KLSD


My deaf friend's comment:
I am happy with the budget 2012, as it included all people. Although it is not focus on Orang Kurang Upaya (OKU) but it seems OKU is part of Rakyat who have rights same as hearing people (more fair), not labelled as poverty who need special assistance. But anyways, I just still hope Government can prepare budget for The Access for OKU. I mean provide more interpreter, pathway, traffic light, lift, telecommunication, transportation, car parking etc at any place which suit for OKU- deaf, blind, wheelchair, disability learner etc. We OKU have the rights to access to anywhere include working place, shopping, travel. Remember that it is OUR RIGHTS, not a BEG.


Selina Wing's comment:
I am happy about the Deaf students in Deaf schools and hearing schools got more benefits as what I wrote above. But, I hope that we should get the access service of the sign language interpreter if the government give the funds or do one service centre to train the interpreters and can support the video relay-service. Many Deaf Malaysians also want the video relay-service can provide at the homes, local hospitals, airports and many in all states in Malaysia so it is easy to contact the loved one via the video telecommunication-interpreter. That is what is Deaf's dream! No need to depend on parents or relatives to help to call. Check the info about Video Relay-Service.

Hope that KAR1SMA also need to focus on the special education in Malaysia too, need to improve the special vocational training and skill developement, include computer training too.

I hope that Government should build a Deaf school in East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak) because many parents have to send Deaf students have go to West Malaysia to study in Deaf schools, Penang and Kuala Lumpur only. For the parents, they need to visit their own son/daugther in Deaf schools if they have to go/back to East Malaysia.

For the disability community, the airports, hospitals, and local and private universities can have an office of 'Disability Services' for the disabled can get access in Malaysia. Hope that government can try to build a car may need to be adapted to suit the needs of a disabled person too. And make one Disabled place for the disabled person can petrol so easily at the gas station if you imagined as a person in wheel-chair.

So, this is what Disability person want for their rights to access better, so they can live so easily, it is fair to hearing community.

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