Wow! Great! International Deaf Day Celebration @ PMY, YMCA Kuala Lumpur on 11 Sept 2011

International Deaf Day always celebrate for Deaf Community Malaysia on every year. Pusat Majudiri "Y" for the Deaf launched a very exciting event - International Deaf Day 2011 at YMCA, Kuala Lumpur. The International Deaf Day is about Deaf need to be seen in the community and understood as social group share Deaf Culture to make their Deaf Awareness. It also draw attention to Deaf and Hearing people open their eyes about the awareness of educate people about deafness, and Deaf issues in Malaysia. So, it is very important for Deaf Community Malaysia! 
I came around 2pm, I saw Deaf and Hearing friends still are around the booths
Wow! Many Deaf people will come to celebrate the International Deaf Day with their Deaf and Hearing friends at PMY, YMCA Kuala Lumpur on 11 Sept 2011! My friend and I came late at 2pm...When I reach there, I am surprised when I saw many Deaf adults, teenagers, kids and old folks with different race & religion like to walk around the booths at outside... I saw alot of Deaf and Hearing sell out their own business like art crafts, design T-shirts, computer stuffs, breads, food & drink; ABC, and many!

The kids enjoyed to play DeafBeat!
Deafs are selling hotdogs, Corns, Soya and others 
Selling the Clay Arts! Cute! 
Deafs used their skill to design and sell their own T-shirts, shoes, and etc...
My friend, Danny Wong sell the computer stuffs, like USB pendrive, cool notebook, mouse, etc!
Deaf J&T Bakery: My Deaf friends are selling their self-made Muffins, sandwich, breads and etc!
Read more at "Audibly challenged man hawks self-made bread for living" in Asiaone News Online
Congratulation for the Deafs who are hardworking when they are managed to promote for Deaf and Hearing friends there! Deafs are very happy with their own business! Many people still buy things from them too! Sad, I don't get a bread from my Deaf friend, J & T Bakery, but still got orange muffin for me! I bought 1 Muffin - RM 1.50. :D Still many Deaf enjoyed to chat with others via sign language...Like the sign are in air!

How about Deaf and Hearing kids? I went to the FunGames inside YMCA~ Wow, cute kids always play the games there! The kids are not boring when they are playing with the volunteers and parents. The Deaf and Hearing still can communicate each other so it is no problem at all!

The kids are happy when they are fishing! 
Painting Arts! Cute Angry Birds! Thumb up!
Busy to paint colour... :D Cute!
After that, I went to visit the Hall, cafe, rooms and lobby inside YMCA. Wow! so traffic jam!! I met my old friends, ex-classmates, juniors and hearing friends there! They also want to chat with me too. (^ ^lll)

Meet Deaf friends and eating lunch At Cafe
Deaf Tourists from oversea that visited IDD too!
Dr Allen and his team busy to explain about DIB Kona Coffee business!
At the 1st floor, I saw many Deaf people waited so long to register for Orang Kurang Upaya(OKU) Welfare registration by JKM when OKU welfare registration closed!! Wow! But, My Deaf friends are disappointed with this then, they complainted to me about this issues because not enough staff to do many for 100 Deafs queued so long.... Nevermind. They can go to the JKM office in Subang Jaya and Shah Alam.
Waiting for the OKU welfare registration...
The Deaf people want to register with Prasarana to get new RapidKL OKU Card.
The volunteers are selling the sign language books, gifts, T-shirts and etc

I really enjoyed to chat with my old friends. I visited the booths and talked with Deaf friends about their business and listened about how they do and open their small shop. So good for them. My hearing friend came to meet me, then I bring him to visit around the booths...He interested to learn the sign language. My best friend are happy to meet me again! So tired... My friends and I went home around 4pm.

I think that the staffs and volunteers are doing the great performance to keep up the Deaf's spirit to enjoy the International Deaf Day at their places! Thumb up! Good job!

Hope they can do better again on next year!

(p/s: I asked their permission from my friends who took the photos here)

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