What kind of Geek are you? Infographic of The Evolution of the Geek

Many Deaf friends think me as Geek. lol See the Infographic "The Evolution of the Geek" is about how to evolve to be different in group 'Geek". In the 18th century history, "gecken" which means to make weird noises and fool so it looks fun, but it evolved to "geek" was meaning who has lots of knowledge about high academic/science/technology of skill level.

Source: Flowtown 

You thought that "Geek" always read books alot, looks boring to you, not always social with friends and smart & intellectuality people, so all things are same, right? No, they have their own personality and grew up in different situation, such as they love computer, love to talk with friends about their hobby like food, or math, always share their knowledge with friends, and maybe are weird! Haha.

They are in the form of "Geek", but they are very famous & rich person. Who are them?

1. Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zucberbery is really geek because he is kid who fell love on the computer. He is very crazy about computer stuffs so he always learn alot by himself when he enjoys to create game, music and network programming during his school and univserity. He isa shy man but he is  a deep philosophical thinker, he always In Harvard, he want to know about the students in his years while he observed their social life, information and gain more understanding about what's going on with the people around you. He and his friends also share idea and knowledges to work together.That is why he created Facebook for the Harvard students at his college Dormitory.

2. Bill Gates

Bill Gates love computer when he used computer in his school on first time. He learned so very quickly when he spend alot time to write the programming and software codes so he don't going out with his friend and he bought alot books to learn. But, he took alot activities related with computer and programming. His parents want him to be lawyer, but he become programmer. Not only his programming skills, he keep to think how to do in the business and computer technology industry. He always talk with his friends who good at the programming so they become good friends and he started 'Miscosoft'! He is very geek because many people admire him and he always hang with geeks since he is teenager. Read at The Telegraph: Bill Gates - 'If you don't like geeks, you're in trouble.'

3.Larry Page and Sergey Brin, Google
They meet and always working together on their own research project at their university until they become close friends. Sergey Brin also is very good at his mathematics and love to join the sports activities. Sergey loves to solve problem and focused his intellectual energies on interesting projects. Larry Page is also good at the computer science and technology. He likes to share his knowledge with Brin and his friends. They are spending alot time to surf the internet too! They started new search engine Google and think how to solve the problem to make the results, keywords, pagerank with their alogrithm. They started to rent a garage as first office. Finally, they are very successful and billionaire guys because Google! Learn about History of Google.

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