Social Media in Malaysia Infrographic

Wow! In Malaysia, Facebook still is 1st King of Social Media! Today, 64.7% of Malaysian Internet users so, the total of population around 16,900,000 users. It is because Malaysian Internet users still love Facebook!

For the top of website in Malaysia, they still visit their favourite website on everytime. Yahoo! still be popular because they use this email on everyday. My family and I like to use our old email and yahoo messenger from Yahoo! until now. I remembered that was not popular since I was in Multimedia University. Today, many internet users used so it is very famous! Why? It is free, easy to use and user-friendly and also owned by Google so it is easy to get in the search engine, Google which most Internet users used in Malaysia.

Normally, mostly Malaysians prefer to visit their local website, Malaysiakini, TheStar Online, and ChinaPress. Deaf community Malaysia always open the local English newspaper website, TheStar Online to check what's latest news on everytime because it is very easy and friendly to them.

You always login in Facebook 1st when you at office or home, right? I always check my email 1st, then open Facebook to play social games..Haha

Source: Amanz

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