Leon Lim, Malaysian Deaf Artist to become US Reality TV star on his first time!

First time, a Deaf Malaysian finally to get in the reality star TV! It is very new to Deaf Community in Malaysia! We, Deaf sure to be proud with Leon Lim because he always walk on his path to dream to become real Artist! Who is Lean Lim, Deaf Malaysian? Check out at

According to Thestar Online, a Malaysian deaf artist who has never owned a television is set to become a reality TV star in the United States. Kedah-born Leon Lim got become one of contestants to be the next Picasso in the second season of "Bravo's Work of Art: The Next Great Artist"!

You maybe never heard about a reality show of "Bravo's Work of Art: The Next Great Artist". Many artists send the application to get in this competition and if one is lucky, he/she will become contestant that will complete their expression drawing with used their creative ideas to make the judges who fell love with their Art! It looks same as the MasterChef, a reality TV- cooking competition.

Souce Image by Thestar Online
Leon Lim and his interpreter will start their second season in the "Bravo's Work of Art: The Next Great Artist". It will be air in October 2011.

The first season are completed already, so this show will be in the ASTRO soon. You can watch TLC channel if you have ASTRO.
TLC, one of the fastest-growing lifestyle channels in the United States, so you can watch ASTRO TLC Channel 707. Check out at

The official website of Work Art:

Congratulation to Leon Lim, Deaf Artist! We are proud with him in Malaysia!

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