iPhone 5 Concept Features is very amazing!

Source Images: Aatma Studio
Check out this amazing video of a concept iPhone 5 that features an ultra-thin design, a laser keyboard, and holographic display! This video is a very hit because many millions watched this youtube!

Source - This video was created by Aatma Studio*

Maybe the features like laser keyboard & holographic display are not related to an iPhone 5, but the ultra-thin design will come with iPhone 5. We still see what is new feature will coming for iPhone 5 on October 2011.

After the resignation of Apple CEO Steve Jobs on last Sept 2011, they will do new features like laser keyboard and holographic display for next generation iPhone 6? I not sure this but, if they want it, iPhone 6 price maybe will be increase if laser keyboard and holographic added in... Maybe iPad 3 or 4 can? Because it is bigger size that can get laser keyboard...

I believe that Apple will do better iPhone and iPad if maybe get holographic or laser keyboard! :P

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