Deaf Korea Movie: The Crucible

You all sure know about Gong Yoo is very popular actor for drama in South Korea. He plays a new teacher at the school and will teach his subject Art in a class. One day, he finds that his students harbor a lot of pain and distrust. He took some time to learn much from his students so he earns their trust and discovers the horrifying truth about they’ve been abused, violently and sexually. Jung Yumi plays a passionate human rights activist who helps him uncover the crimes and try to bring the guilty to justice, against insurmountable odds. Gong Yoo learned the sign language! So great!

Summary - Based off the novel 'Dokani' - The Crucible tells the truth story about an art teacher whom begins teaching at a deaf school. When he begins teaching there, he is dreaded by the uncomfortable atmosphere and fears there is more to the school than meets the eye, and there is. He, and a human rights activist, crack down on the school and their unfair dealings, and soon descovers that there is a man whom sexually assaults the little girls there.

 The Crucible hits South Korean theater, September 22nd, 2011. Please Visit the Official website at

So, I think that this movie also delivered the meaningful and expression for you all to be aware with Deaf community so good! Because Gong Ji-young, the bestselling author of The Crucible, an adaptation of a novel based on a true story about a rape at a school for the deaf in South Korea.

If you are Deaf or Hearing, you sure cry and feel sad or angry when you watch this movie! If you have a Deaf friend or student got raped or absued, what will you do? How you help them?

We must bring out the justice and help the Deaf victims so this awarenesses open your eyes and support the Deaf victims. It's not good to blame Deaf victims because they don't know what's wrong and still afraid to face Deaf community.

If GSC or TGV Malaysia get The Crucible movie, we Deafs sure happy to watch this~!

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Anonymous said…
awesome show love to see i m deaf from usa
Selina Wing said…
Yeah, It is very interesting movie! :) We cannot wait for this movie~ :P