Start a Small Business with Social Media - How?

Nowsday, many small business companies are just getting started in social media. There are many different technologies in this area include blogs, wikis, social networking platforms, micro-blogs, and other platforms that facilitate sharing user generated content in Internet.

They start to research on their business plan then, they set up a team, who are experts in their area fields, like design, marketing, programming, and business analytics team. They must keep to make the interactions with customers, clients, followers and fans in their business online. When a small business online started, it don't need alot of costs and models and just build the network to be strong in the relationship. They spread their ideas to everyone and get the support from the clients, organsiations and fans.

Getit Comms, a Singapore based Digital Marketing firm created an infographic to explain the process of crafting a social media plan for business purposes.

In social media business, they who set specific, achievable goals, take risks, engage and understand their customers, use reliable metrics and learn from their mistakes.


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This is what the teams; marketing, sales, PR, and seniors are doing for their social media business.

If you don't know about social media, you can read more details below;

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