FREE Apps for iPhone: Burger Queen World

Last time, she was managing to operate her father's burger shop in "Burger Queen", previous game. Now, Burger queen has decided to open new stores in the UK and Japan. It's why it get new name, "Burger Queen World" game! Now she must satisfy the customers of each country with fast service and great burgers. In this burger making game, players need to deliver the correct burger and drink to each customer during rush hour. A quick look at all the 5-star ratings shows that this is a great game.

Can you keep all the customers happy and make a profit to expand your shops worldwide? It is very cute characters in this game! You just touch to make a burger then serve your customers!

Burger Queen World Features:
  • 80 game levels in 8 Episode and 90 challenge mode levels exist
  • Story mode and challenge mode
  • Item shop sells various helpful items
  • Funny story-telling burger dash game
  • Cartoon-based graphics
  • Achievements and Ranking support (OpenFeint)

You download FREE game for a day NOW before they put a price! Go to

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