Experience A Day in the Life of a Part-Time Blogger

You sure about what are the bloggers working when they spend time to blogging? How they can get the idea? They always share their thought with their team bloggers. They also support each other to make better blog. They keep to be informed about news and information of social media in their life because they are blogger!

Some bloggers work blog to earn money, some bloggers do their personal life blog for fun only, some bloggers designed blogs to sell, some bloggers work to write as guest blogger for another blogs, and etc...

As blogger, I am enjoyed to blogging as what I like only. I never expected that my blog really attractted alot of visitors here! More than 10,000  always come to my blog on every month! I really like to thank all visitors like my blog!

See the infographic below; you can click this image to be bigger.
This is what the blogger do in their life... Haha.

How about my life as blogger on everyday? What I do with my blogs? 
  • 8.30 AM - Eat breakfast and read newspaper online and blogs that I visited.
  • 9.00 AM - Working Office and check my own blogs
  • 12.00 PM - Eat Lunch with my colleagues and Think new idea for what I will write for blogs
  • 4.00 PM - Research idea while googling
  • 5.30 PM - Go drive home
  • 7.00 PM - Eat dinner with family and collect information idea
  • 9.00 PM - Start blogging!
For weekend; Sat and Sun? I attended the workshops, working as freelancer designer, spend time with my family or friends and learn how to programming blogger or blogging twice per blog when I am free only. :)

How about you? :D

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