Deaf Movie: Sweet Nothing in My Ear from Hallmark Hall of Fame CBS

This movie tells the story of a young boy who begins going deaf in childhood and the struggle between his parents, one who can hear played by Jeff Daniels and one who is deaf played by Marlee Matlin, on how to handle their son's impending not-being-able-to-hearness.

Laura and Dan Miller (Matlin, Daniels) have been happily married, as well as best friends, for many years, but their relationship begins to change when their only son, Adam (Noah Valencia), loses his hearing at the age of four.  Laura, who is deaf herself, sees this occurrence as a minor problem, something that she has dealt with her whole life.  Dan, on the other hand, at first agrees with her but starts to realize that, with the cochlear implants surgery, his son could regain his hearing and live a more normal life. Check out more info at

The Hallmark Hall of Fame CBS movie, "Sweet Nothing in My Ear," that really make many viewers feel touched and think its really emotional story when they watched this movie!

This movie make the Deaf and Hearing people always think the questions and  involved in the discussion about people who support, choose, or live with a cochlear implant is a continuation of that tradition of anxiety over the deaf community’s continued lack of integration/recognition.

For Deaf and Hearing community, they have different opinion about the cochlear implant. Some thinks want to give them a better future when used the cochlear implant, some want to proud as Deaf than cochlear implant, some worry deaf cannot get great job in the companies & face some challenges if they not get normal life as Hearing person's life.

The couple must find a way to mend their differences and make the best decision for Adam's future. But, the couple should do what’s best for Adam is for them to arrive at decisions like this together, rather than their own individual selfish desires.

Maybe for the Hearing people present the cochlear implant as a miracle "cure-all" for hearing loss. You imagine about if you are Deaf, maybe you sure want to give your Deaf son/daughter "ability to hear" or not?  If you are Hearing, you sure want everything is best for your Deaf son/daughter could get better life than Deaf's life?

This movie reflects the real-life controversy over cochlear implants, considered a rejection of Deaf culture by some members of the Deaf community. Until today, Deaf community maybe can accept this issues so slowly or still do research about the cochlear implants.

What are you thinking about this? You agree with this cochlear implants that can help Deaf get to hear as new ability?

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