Chrome is King of Fastest Web Browser

The web browsers; Mozillia Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Opera are still in the war! They tried to make new features, which can attract more users. Mozilia Firefox still improve their web browser and provided the enjoyable of features, such as persona themes, apps and etc. Google Chrome also introduced new Google+ project to attract more users. They also make Chrome browser become faster too!

Last time,I love Mozilia Firefox before Google introduced new Chrome browser. I enjoyed to play around Firefox, like installed my favourite themes. Today, Chrome also introduce new themes, apps, games, tools, and many! According to Gomez Real-User Monitoring, Chrome is the fastest browser in real-world tests! For example, you want to open your own website, mean your Chrome browser take short time to load your website! For Page Load Time (blue), Chrome 10 -12 just less than 4 seconds

But, the perceived render time (green), refers to the amount of time it takes for the visible portion of the page to load in the browser. Firefox 5 - 2.18 seconds while Chrome still are strong.

I feel that Chrome and Firefox still are very strong, so one of the giant web browsers will gain a throne 'King' in the future! Maybe another new web browser will be there...?

Which is one of the web browsers that you used now? I still using both web browsers, Chrome and Firefox when I am blogging! :D

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Zool Blogger said…
Yeah.. I'm used chrome too. faster than FF..
Selina Wing said…
me too! ;) Firefox also good
suarakomputer said…
i like firefox fast too....

chrome, i use read website & blog :-p
Selina Wing said…
I think many ppl still use both - firefox and chrome until now.