Anime .hack//The Movie will coming on January 2012!

I also watched the anime .hack series before. This story is really good! I am playing PS2 game .hack//Reborn now. I think this is cool but not easy to fight with the enemies and explore The World to solve the mystery cases! It always make you imagine to play as your character in the multiplayer games!

Now, CyberConnect2, video game development studio is known for the games .hack series. They opened new .hack//The Movie website to announce that the 3D animated .hack//The Movie that will be in the theaters on next year, January 2012.

This story about year 2024, when children have lived their entire lives since birth in a world connected by networks. A cheerful 14-year-old middle school girl named Sora Yuki has no interest in games, but her friends get her to go into the popular network game "The World". However, due to "a certain incident" in The World, anomalies start occurring in the real world.


After watch this trailer movie, I think its WOWw... and use 3D and CGI animation. Sometimes, it get soft colors in 2D landscapes, but when in "The World", there are many beautiful 3D effects! I am shocked when Yuki can wear glasses to connect to her smartphone (it looks as iPod)? No need to use PC computer to play!

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