Won 2 tickets of Captain America from Baskin Robbins!

Last week, I visited Baskin Robbin website to check the promotion. I saw an ad Captain America's inside Baskin Robbin then, I just played a simple game in Baskin Robbin website. I just count on how many shields so easily? After I submitted my answer, it is fun only. Finally, I got a sms from them and it say me won 2 tickets as I am very happy!

They also listed the results of winners in Baskin Robbin's facebook too. I checked them if it is true or not. Yahoo! I got to see my name on the results! I am lucky again! :D

I decided to bring my dad to watch the 3D Captain America: The First Avenger at GSC new wing,1 utama. When I went to get tickets from them...Wow, I got 2 vouchers, RM 3 off on Waffle Sundae - Baskin Robbins too! It is really great! But, my dad don't like to eat ice cream. Then, I will give it to my mom or sisters. :)

First time, my dad used 3D glasses to watch this movie and got to sit on comfortable chair in a big hall. Hehe. I not waste this tickets because this is very expensive to watch 3D. All 3D movies sure get the subtitles. So, Deafs no need to worry about this.

We enjoyed to watch 3D Captain America together because my dad's birthday will coming in August! This movie is really cool, but make us back to world war 2. Hahaha.. I will write review this movie soon!

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