Movie Review: Transformer 3: Dark of the Moon

My friends and I joined an Event: Transformer 3: Dark of the Moon @ Deaf Boleh! Malaysia blog because this event opened to all Deaf and Hearing friends who interested in Deaf Culture Malaysia. We really enjoyed to watch this movie because it is very BEST than Transformer 2!

Wow, Deception come to attack Earth, like Machine Aliens in Skyline and World Invasion: Los Angeles? I impressed with human and Autobots helped each other to destory the Decepticon! US government are wrong because they thought Autobots leave Earth, Decepticon will find them if they leave human's world...But, Deception still want Earth because they want to be gods! Same as Sentinel Prime and his Autobots in past time. That is why their own planet, Cybertron destroyed with their own stubborn about power of gods. So, it make Optimus Prime and his allies learn this lesson and hide themselves in Earth than the Autobots destoryed by Deception in Cybertron planet.

During the final epic showdown between Optimus Prime and Sentinel Prime, Sentinel chides his opponent and former pupil, “On our planet we were gods!” but, Opitimus Prime are different from Sentinel. He is very brave and really care his allies and human no matter we are different race! I know about we human are weak but, we do not give up, that make Optimus Prime admired them. I really like Optimus Prime and his allies always fight with Deceptions so much! It is very great!

I learned about Sam Witwicky and BumbleBee's relationship really are close no matter they are different from different world. They always work together, and don't want to lose each other. It make a leader Autobots, Optimus and his allies put their trust in Sam Witwicky and his friends. That is why they need to support each other while they are busy fighting with Deceptions!

I am really boring with new hot girl and Sam because too much sex icons - rabbit mean playboy and why hot girl looks she don't want to involved in the fighting and always stand as model only! For me, she just is weak in this movie... I want Megan Fox back because she was very strong and do not give up in the previous transformers!

I really love Transformer 3! I also shocked when my hearing friends told me about watching this movie twice! Hahaha!

Rating: 4 out of 5

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