Movie Review: Green Lantern

Last Wednesday, my mom and I went to watch the movie, Green Lantern. I surprised when many people queued to buy the ticket at 101 Mall! Luckily, we are booking so early before we came to GSC Cinema, 1O1 Mall.

When I am kid, I know the Superman, Batman, and Spiderman are very popular cartoon of TV series. I am really love Batman and Robin. Spiderman also are cool too. Not many kids hear about a superhero Green Lantern because it is not famous..That's why I not sure what is this story about Green Lantern.

Summary: Millions of years before the Earth was formed, an intergalactic police force called the Green Lantern Corps. They split the universe into 3,600 sectors, with one Green Lantern per sector. The strongest of all the Green Lanterns was Abin Sur of Sector 2814, who defeated the ultimate being of fear called Parallax and imprisoned him in the Lost Sector (Sector 666) on the ruined planet Ryut. One day, Parallax escapes from his prison...With Parallax's revenge, he is killing some Green Lanterns...Until Abin Sur, who escapes and crash-lands on Earth. With his life reaching its end, Abin Sur commands his ring to find a worthy successor, Hal Jordan on Earth planet. Can Hal Jordan saves his own planet from Parallax?

Wow, the universe landscapes CGI are beautiful, but, too many green lights around him! Hahaha. I think that Hal Jordan is okay but, funny guy. He will face his fear while he is fighting with Parallax...There are the parts about the romance between Hal and his girlfriend and practice with his friends - Green Lanterns. OMG! Anybody can become Green Lantern, mean a bee, a fish guy, and others can become the protector of sectors!

Stupid part about the human escapes from Parallax.... It's easy to take the souls from the human...Green Lantern slow to save the human in the city... -_-lll I think that his fighting with Parallax are okay. He is not enough be strong as Superman. He needs to improve his imagination when he wants to create new with his green ring... I don't like the creation of imagination by Hal Jordan, then it is normal only.

Rating: 2.5 of 5

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