FREE Game Apps for iPhone - Three Kingdoms TD - Legend of Shu

You sure know about what is Three Kingdoms? It is the complex history of its people is one marked by great wars and battles in China. The game walks you through the history of the Three Kingdoms, make you will learn more about what are famous Generals, Guan Yu, Liu Bu, and others doing in the strategic war!

The Three Kingdoms game has also been released in Gameboy advance, PSP, and PC before, but there are an original TD game featuring Guan Yu and his brothers remain extremely popular than the generals of Cao Cao, Wu and Shu that can be available for iPhone or iPad! Cool!

In the Romance of 3 Kingdom based TD game, you can hire famous generals from the Kingdom of Shu to help you in your battle. You will also get to fight against some of the famous generals in the era, including Lu Bu in a 1 vs 1 duel. You earn points by taking down enemies when you place the generals in the place which they can defend from the enemies!

If you are fan of 3 Kingdoms China, you can play this game so easy! I like this game because the story is based on the fantastic history of ancient China’s Three Kingdoms era. The cartoon style artwork is full of Chinese elements, but also cute characters too!

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