FREE Game Apps for iPhone and iPad - Part 1

Normally, I always used Ovi Store to download free applications, such as software, games, and themes because they always provided free for the limited games, like Assassin Creed, The Sims, Monopoly and etc.

Today, I found the unique and magic game applications from Apple Store, iTunes! Those games make me love to play, but I don't have iPhone or iPad. There are alot of Malaysians really like iPhone 4 and iPad, right?

If you have iPhone or iPad, you better to get the free apps so quickly because most apps listed are free only for a limited time only. Some are even free only for a few hours. So check the price and make sure this games are FREE or not before you start to download!


Third Blade
You are a hero trying to find your kidnapped girlfriend. Use your 3 sets of blades and their special power to slash through hundreds of enemies and bosses. Upgrade your weapons and learn new abilities. You can use 3 types of blades—dual wield, one-handed blade, and two-handed sword—can be used to defeat all kinds of vicious monsters as you play along!

In this game, the hand drawn environments and character designs are beautiful and colorful! It is very cool and also have the style of japanese drawing! If you are Anime fans or RPG gamer, you better to try ro download from Third Blade iTunes.


Power Rangers Samurai Smash!
Suit up to defeat evil forces from the Netherworld and save earth from evil Master Xandred and his army of Nighloks. This fast-paced adventure features an addictive romp thru 15 levels of fun. The art style is unique and never before seen for Power Rangers and the game lets you unlock different rangers as you save the world.

Cute Power Rangers Samurai! I used to watch this Japanese drama, Power Rangers Samurai which my best friend, Eze who loved this! I think that they provided the creative of Japanese culture and foods related with Power Rangers so it is very great! There are many different power which the Power Rangers used to fight with their enemies. They are cute! If you love to play this games, please download at Power Rangers iTunes because it is for limited time only! 

p/s: You better to download these games before this PROMOTION will end soon! If I have some information about free game apps for Nokia, iPhone, iPad and Androids, I will let you know this! Subscribe your email so it can email you when I updated my new articles easily!

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