Final Fantasy Type-0 will coming on 31 October 2011!

The Final Fantasy Type-0 game is scheduled to be released on 13 October 2011 so, it is available for PSP only. Last year, they renamed the Final Fantasy XIII Agito to Type-0 because it is not related with Final Fantasy XIII.

There are 14 main characters, equipped with dynamic combat system and some features reminiscent of the classic Final Fantasy. Each character wields a uniquely identifiable weapon and abilities, giving them a variety of playstyles. They may also temporarily control a variety of summoned creatures known as War-Gods, including Odin, Ifrit, Shiva and Golem. You will play 14 characters when you start your journey in this game! Cool!

Who are them? The Class Zero students of Peristylium Suzaku, Rubrum's Magic Academy come to protect anybody and want to stop a war between the four kingdoms; Suzaku, Byakko, Genbu, and Dragon in their world, Oriens! Check out on their details of characters!

Ace is a main character who will guide you go to bring the missions with his friends in Class Zero. You will learn different story from their characters in the different missions. They maybe feel angry, calm, or face more challenge with the strongest enemies, always scold with another classmates each other when their situation are not good...You must be calm and give advice to your own classmates!

Suddenly, Peristylium Suzaku, Rubrum's Magic Academy were attacked and the skilled students who wear red cloak that come out to bring peace for their world and don't want to see more civilian suffered... So, it bring this fate will make they face their own death when they are fighting with the kingdoms!

If you miss to watch 1st trailer with English subtitles before above, enjoy this!

Rem Tokimiya  and Machina Kunagiri
Which is your favourite character of this game? :D They get cool nicknames in the Class Zero!

No.01 Ace: A blond boy who wields a deck of cards and is said to be the primary protagonist within Class Zero. Despite his youthful appearance, his speech and actions are exceptionally impressive. Though usually calm, he has a reckless side and will sometimes rush off and act out of anger.

No.02 Deuce: A brunette girl who wields a flute.

No.03 Trey: A handsome, blond-haired youth armed with a bow and arrow. His basic attack is Magic Arrow and his special attack is Arrow Shower.

No.04 Cater: A female member of Class Zero with short, flared red hair who wields a gun which fires magically charged bullets. She's very confident and direct, but also tends to be competitive.

No.05 Cinque: A young lady with brown, braided hair who fights using a mace. Her basic attack is called Crash Mace and her special attack is Earthquake.

No.06 Sice: A girl who wields a scythe as a weapon, she isn't very good with words but has good judgement.

No.07 Seven: A gray-haired girl that carries an extending chain whip. She was named "Muchi" (ムチ, "Whip") in early footage, after her weapon of choice.

No.08 Eight: A young martial artist with short hair who wears a pair of knuckles, due to his hate of weapons.

No.09 Nine: A young man with a scarred face and disheveled uniform who wields a spear. Impulsive and straightforward, he sees the world in black and white and only feels satisfied when things aren't complicated. Even though he has a foul mouth and isn't exactly wise, his courage boosts Class Zero's morale on the battlefield.

No.11 Jack: A young man with coiffed blond hair that fights using a katana. He was known only as "Katana" in early footage.

No.12 Queen: A young woman with long black hair and trademark glasses who wields a saber. She is a class president, and her dignified appearance and intelligence suit her name. With her leadership, she always guided all classmates in her class and she is very care about their safety...

No.13 King: A young man who looks cold, but is actually kind-hearted who wields two guns. His bullets are infinite, but still must be reloaded after a set number of shots.

And two close friends; Rem Tokimiya  and Machina Kunagiri in Class Zero, but they are always be together when they are on the jounery since they are childhood friends. They are observers only and different than 14 characters in Class Zero. Maybe they are strongest of Class Zero...than Ace, King, Queen and others?

I want to buy new PSP to play this game! I love Final Fantasy! :P

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