Facebook introduces new feature video calling powered by Skype

Good! Facebook finally have new feature of video calling, like you chat with your friend in 3G at your laptop. Facebook and Skype are partners that allowed Skype's video calling to Facebook users for free when the Facebook users login in. Skype users to make voice and video calls and chats over the Internet. Calls to other users within the Skype service are FREE. It can be download in the laptops or computers and mobile phones. My sisters always use Skype because this is very good to hear the voice and see the video so clearly.

Using video calling is easy. When you log in to Facebook, you select a friend in "Chat window", then select the mini-skype video - "Start a Video Call" button". You both start to call each other!

First time, you try to video chat someone or answer a call, you will indeed be asked to download a program. The chat window will then ask you to select some Flash settings. If you don't have flash player, you should download it.

Not sure? You can follow the step by step while you want to make a video call with your friend in Facebook.

Step 1
You go to Facebook Video at And you click "Get Started" and waiting for get the downloads for the video calling plugin...

Step 2
A window appear to you and ask you, "Give who a call?" then you are looking your friends online in your chat window only. You cannot send it to your friends offline.

Step 3
While you click an icon 'video' on your message with your friend, you will download "FacebookVideoCallSetup.exe" then, install it at your pc or laptop.

Step 4
After install it, you can choose your friend again then you click a mini icon 'video calling' and waiting for your friend's call. And wait for your friend to receive your call. Done!

Sample of video calling Facebook
I already try to make a video call with my Deaf friend in Facebook. Wow, I can see this video are very clear! You can enjoy to chat with your friend via sign language in the video calling at Facebook!

You want to try this? Go to Facebook Video at

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