Captain America: The First Avenger Movie - July 22, 2011

After Iron Man 2 and Thor movies, there are new movie, Captain America: The First Avenger is coming on July 2011!

I never read this Marvel comic - Captain America. Maybe this movie is cool. When I am free, I will watch this movie!

Based on the Marvel Comics character from World War II. A brave, yet mild-mannered young soldier named Steve Rogers, volunteers to undergo a series of experiments for a US army Super Soldier program. The military succeeds in transforming him into a human weapon, but quickly decide that their Super Soldier is far too expensive a creation to risk in combat.

After the experiment was success, he become the First Avenger, in order to save his country. Steve Rogers becomes Captain America and he earns his way into the hearts and souls of every American, bringing hope and justice to a war-weary nation. Can he risk his life to save America from the villain?

See the youtube about Captain America: The First Avenger trailer below:

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